Child Care Solutions is the Child Care Resource & Referral agency that serves Onondaga and Cayuga County. Since 1975 we have worked to connect Central NY parents to care that meets their needs and to give child care providers the resources and tools they need to provide high-quality care.
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Are you a new parent preparing to return to the work force?  Are you unsatisfied with your current child care situation?   Choosing the right child care for your family is one of the most important decisions you will make and depends on many factors:

Do you prefer structured or casual environments?

What kind of environment will your child thrive in?

Do you prefer family child care or is a center more your style?

How frequently will you need child care?

What is your budget?

Child Care Solutions provides referrals to New York State regulated child care providers and programs in Onondaga and Cayuga Counties. Our extensive database lists child care options that include center-based programs, family and group family child care homes, and other children's programs. Unlike some of the online referral services that are advertised on TV, we are experts in child care and our services are always free. We can help you find and choose care that best meets your needs and the needs of your children. Contact us today or for help and information on finding the best child care for your family!

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