Child Care Solutions is the Child Care Resource & Referral agency that serves Onondaga and Cayuga County. Since 1975 we have worked to connect Central NY parents to care that meets their needs and to give child care providers the resources and tools they need to provide high-quality care.
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Staff Names & Contact Information

Child Care Solutions staff has years of experience in many diverse areas of knowledge. We are dedicated to our work and in supporting those in the field of child care. We are always available to help parents, providers, center staff and the community, understand the importance of quality care.

If you are unsure of who can help you please call our main line @ 315-446-1220 and we will be glad to direct you to the person who could best answer your questions.

Executive Director Lori Boles 315-446-1220 ext. 310

Assistant Director Shannon Gillen 315-446-1220 ext. 307

Finance Director Mike Ransom 315-446-1220 ext. 304

Registration Director Beth Henderson 315-701-2707 ext. 416

Mkt/Development Dir Patrice Robinson 315-446-1220 ext. 354

Data Manager Nora Rudewicz 315-446-1220 ext.311

Systems Administrator Pamela Borreggine 315-446-1220 ext. 306

Senior Admin Asst Linda Mocciaro 315-446-1220 ext.315

Accounting Assistant
Kay Brown 315-
446-1220 ext. 345


Registration Coordinator Siobane Hall 315-701-2707 ext. 414

Registration Admin Asst. Suzanne Goodell 315-701-2707 ext. 401

Registrar Sue Benjamin 315-701-2707 ext. 412

Registrar Joe Bernazzani 315-701-2707 ext. 411

Registrar Faith Gilliam 315-701-2707 ext. 405

Registrar Selena LaPoint-Dice 315-701-2707 ext. 430

Registrar Casey Miner 315-701-2707 ext. 436

Registrar Rebecca Oliver 315-701-2707 ext. 434

Registrar Linda Russell-Shepherd 315-701-2707 ext.438


Pro Dvlpmnt Specialist Katie Howell 315-446-1220 ext. 326

EWPH Nutrition Specialist Pat Kuhl 315-446-1220 ext. 314

Pro. Dvlpmnt Coord. Kass Nethercott 315-446-1220 ext.336

Health Care Consultant Melody Scanlon 315-446-1220 ext. 332

Pro. Dvlpmnt Coord. Patricia Sofranko 315-446-1220 ext. 312


Provider Svc Coord. Michelle Wolstenholme 315-446-1220 ext. 346

Provider Svc Specialist Ashley Lenhart 315-446-1220 ext. 349

Provider Svc Specialist Diane Thomas 315-446-1220 ext. 323


Health & Safety Coord. Rose Walsh 315-446-1220 ext. 319

Legally Ex Enrollment Tracey Hare 315-446-1220 ext. 348

Legally Ex Enrollment Alexis Hyde 315-446-1220 ext. 333

Legally Ex Specialist Laura Maloney 315-446-1220 ext. 305


Parent Svc Coord Mary Lanno 315-446-1220 ext. 313

Parent Services Specialist Amie Coffin 315-446-1220 ext. 320

Parent Services Specialist Ana Sojo 315-446-1220 ext. 353

Parent Services Specialist Tonia Thornton 315-446-1220 ext. 347


CACFP Food Check line ext 331

Class Cancellation line ext 331

Legally Exempt Team ext 329

Parent Services Team ext 303

Provider Services Team ext 318